Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Top Ten Ice type Pokemon!

This is my list of top ten ice type Pokemon, just in time for winter! I rank these based on how good they are and how well I believe they represent ice-type Pokemon. I do have a nolegendaries rule in order to keep things fair. 
10. Cryogonal: This pokemon may seem weak upon first glance but it has excellent special defense as well as decent speed and special attack. It has horrible attack and measly defense of 30 so if you are hit by a physical attack it is over for this Pokemon. It does learn Toxic and Swagger so it can be a very annoying Pokemon if used well. 

9. Lapras: This pokemon has great HP stat accompanied by average stats all around. It has decent special defense to back up its HP so it can survive a bit. But it’s attack stats are kinda crummy. Like the previous pokemon on this list it can be good for setting up status effects I think you should give it the Water Absorb ability, so you can switch it into water type attacks and have it be healed.

8. Glaceon: This Pokemon has a great special attack stats and good defense and special defense. It has ice beam and blizzard to take advantage of this, which is good. But it’s speed is bad especially when you take into account it’s low Hp and attack, which make it learning ice shard useless. But it works really well if it’s hailing, so take that into account.

7. Froslass: This is pokemon with a great speed stat but really meager stats all around. It has snow cloak like the previous pokemon so take that into account. This pokemon is best used to set up status effects (seeing a trend here?) but it can also be used as a destiny bonder. 

6.  Avalugg: This pokemon has Fantastic defense stat and a great attack stat too. It has no speed to speak of though and it’s special defense is bad as well. And being a ice type would mean having a bad special attack would spell doom for this Pokemon, but it has large variety of physical moves to choose from, so it’s covered in those regards. Best used as a Tank.

5. Aurorus: This one’s got great HP and good special stats. And it’s physical stats aren’t so horrible it will crumble under anything. It’s got bad speed though so watch out. It’s saving grace is it’s ability Refrigerate, which turns all normal type attacks into ice type ones, which is nice.

4. Mega Abomasnow: This Pokemon has Great attacking stats and good defensive ones as well, all with the Hp to back it up! It’s speed is pretty bad though, being only 30, but it does learn ice shard. I admit to a bit of bias on this choice as I have a Mega Abomasnow on my main team, and it’s gotten me out of some tricky situations. 

3. Weavile: This one has great Speed and Attack, so it hits hard. It’s a bit of a glass cannon though, less so than some on this list mind you, so watch out. It has a wide variety of physical moves to use and I suggest you use it’s Pickpocket ability, as Pressure is kinda use less with how much this thing can survive. 

2. Mamoswine: This one has a great attack stat and good Hp as well. It other stats are mediocre though, but it can learn ice shard when it wants to be fast, and it’ defensive ones aren’t so horrible it crumbles despite it’s Hp. Mainly use this thing as a Tank with the Thick Fat ability to make it sturdier. 

1. Mega Glalie: This pokemon has Fantastic attack stats with good speed to boot. All it’s other stats are an exact 80, so that’s okay. It has a wide variety of special and physical moves at it’s disposal as well as the aforementioned Refrigerate ability, so this thing can do lots. I believe it to be the best representative of Ice type pokemon in general so that’s why it’s at 1#. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Yo-kai Watch Review

Yo-kai Watch is a game on the 3DS. In this game you play as a kid in the town of Springdale, and have a special watch known as  the Yo-kai Watch that allows you to see Yo-kai supernatural being who affect people's everyday lives with their shenanigans. Some Yo-kai make you sad, others competitive, and so on. The Story begins your character is wondering around in the forest, catching bugs, when they find and activate a ball capsule machine known as the Crank-a-kai. Out pops whisper, your new Yo-kai butler, who give you your Yo-kai watch and introduces to the world of Yo-kai. The Story of the game is fairly simple and episodic, which suits the atmosphere of the game really well. Along way you'll find troublesome Yo-kai who will probably want to fight you. To fight you have a wheel of six Yo-kai with three being at front to fight. You turn this wheel to switch Yo-kai or move them to the back so you can heal them. When it comes the actual attacking, the Yo-kai do their own thing so all you really need to do is turn the wheel or order them to use their ultimate attacks. This can be a bit frustrating though as the Yo-kai do what they want and sometimes do nothing at all! To get more Yo-kai you have to befriend them by giving them their favorite foods in battle. If you beat them after giving them food they might befriend you. MIGHT.  This was probably the most annoying as the Yo-kai don't befriend until after the fight is over and is random, even if you give them the best food available. You can increase your odds but it is totally random in the end, and this is especially frustrating with the very rare Yo-kai. Other than those few things though this game is great. While it is a bit similar to Pokemon in concept, catching things and fighting them, other than that they can't be much more different, so the comparisons to Yo-kai watch are unfair. This game is a lot of fun and I highly recommend it. I give this 4.5 out of 5 stars        By Nick Starceski

Monday, October 12, 2015

Bravely Default Review

Bravely Default is turn-based RPG for the Nintendo 3ds. You and your enemies take turns in this game much like many RPGs but there is new system to shake things up. Each turn you get BP to attack or do other actions with and you can choose the Brave option in order do extra actions, but this costs extra BP and if you get negative BP you have to wait until you get more. You can also Default to make your defense stronger and gain extra BP.  The game is named after this system and it really makes in a lot more strategic and fun. Each character also has a job which determines what weapons they use well, special actions they can take and there overall stats. There are also bonus skills that you assign to characters to help them out more passively. The story is about a boy named Tiz who's entire village is swallowed up into a dark chasm, so he goes on a journey to figure out why and if he can reverse it. He then meets a woman called Agnes, the leader of a religion called the Crystal Orthodoxy,  who is on mission to stop the evil that destroyed Tiz's home from destroying the rest of the world. But they fight not only the evil monsters but the Duchy of Eternia who want destroy the Crystal Orthodoxy. They are joined by Ringabel, a flirty amnesiac man with a journal that seems to predict the future, Edea, the now-turned daughter of the Grand Marshal of Eternia, and Airy the very annoying Crystal fairy who acts as a guide of sorts. This game is very LONG, and there is lots to see and collect throughout. There is also a Streetpass based minigame focused on rebuilding Tiz's home town, which also opens up shops with better items and equipment. One thing I really liked about this game was the ability to alter the rate of random encounters and even turn them off, something which all RPGs should have. I give this game 4.75 out of 5 stars.       By Nick Starceski

Skypets Review

Skypets is a game where you have to guide a cute animal through the sky and past obstacles in order to get them safely to the goal. This game uses motion controls in order to move the skypets, and I've gotta say they're some of best motion controls I've. They're very smooth and work perfectly. You can also hold the screen to slow down your pet, but that has a limit time frame and will run out quickly. You start out with 4 pets but can use the pet creator to make more. This game fun and pretty difficult at times, so you must be vigilant with controlling your pet. I really enjoyed this game and the fact the all you had to do was tilt your device to control your pet. 5 out of 5 stars         By Nick Starceski

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 review

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 is the second game in the Five Nights at Freddy's series. In this game you are once again a security guard at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, working the night shift. You have to survive an onslaught of animatronics coming to your office with the intention of stuffing you into empty Freddy suit, killing you in the process. Unlike the last game however, you have unlimited power in all things but your flashlight. There's one catch though.... there is no door to close to prevent the animatronics from getting in. You instead have a Freddy to put on whenever  a animatronic gets to friendly, which will fool most them into believing that you are one of them. You do have to stay vigilant and wind up a music box to prevent a certain animatronic who is immune to the mask from entering. You also have to check the halls with your flashlight for foxy, who is also immune, but he can be scared away by flashing the light several times. This game serves as a prequel to the first taking place during 1987. Phone guy once again guides you through your attempts to survive your work week at the restaurant. I feel like this game changes things from first in all the right ways making it a fantastic sequel. I give this 4.5 out of 5 stars.          By Nick Starceski      reviewed for IOS

Monday, July 20, 2015

Super Smash Bros. Review

Super Smash Bros. is the fourth Game in the Super Smash bros. series and is the ultimate Nintendo crossover. In this game you hit opponents to build up their damage percentage so you can hit them with a smash attack and send them flying off the side of a stage to defeat them. You fight using characters like Mario, Link, Pikachu and many others from various nintendo games. You can play with others or play alone with various modes for both with updates to the modes from older games and completely new modes. Classic mode for example, now has a intensity scale (exactly like the one from Kid Icarus: Uprising) and you can make things tougher by paying gold earned throughout the various modes of the game. There is also the new 8-player smash where up to 8 fighters can duke it out on one oversized stage. There are some differences between versions, like smash run in 3ds, and the Wii-u does offer some more modes and they have different arenas , my only issue with the 3ds version are the controls, but this is fixed if you play it on the new 3ds. There are also the amiibo, which are fighters that control themselves and level and learn more as you train them. Once you get them up to level 50 though because they'll be basically untouchable. In fact, my Link amiibo still hasn't lost a single match since reaching level 50. I give this game 5 out of 5 stars.          By Nick Starceski              Review for 3ds and Wii U

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

More Skylanders Superchargers

Recently at E3 more Skylanders have been announced.There will be the undead Supercharger Skylander, Fiesta and his land vehicle Crypt Crusher. Deep Dive Gill Grunt and his sea vehicle Reef Ripper. As well as Shark Shooter Terrafin(Vehicle still unknown) and a returning Roller Brawl and Eruptor(Vehicles unknown). Exclusively on the Nintendo systems you can get Hammer Slam Bowser and his sky vehicle the Clown Cruiser, and Turbo Charged Donkey Kong and his land vehicle Barrel Blaster. You can twist these guys bases to switch them from Skylander to Amiibo mode. Turbo Charged Donkey Kong(life) and Barrel Blaster(tech) will come in the Wii U starter pack, while Hammer Slam Bowser(fire) and Clown Cruiser(air) will come in the Wii and 3DS Starter packs. It is Unknow if you can get a Wii U, Wii or 3DS starter pack with the Spitfire and Hot Streak instead but I'll update when I find out.  By Nick Starceski

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Skylanders Superchargers Announcement

Recently Activision has announced the next Skylanders game, Skylanders Superchargers. This game introduces vehicles, with three different types that allow you to travel the land, sea, and sky. There will also be new Skylanders called superchargers, which each have a corresponding vehicle that they "supercharge" or power-up. There will be 20 vehicles(2 for each element), and 20 superchargers(also 2 for each element). 10 of the superchargers will be completely redesigned returning characters that will have different attacks. Super-shot Stealth Elf for example, now has a bazooka instead of daggers, just to give you a idea of how different they are. The toys of some vehicles now have moving parts, like on some cars the wheels will move. Any Skylander can ride a vehicle(even giants, activision says) but only Superchargers can mod the vehicle with the car parts found throughout the levels. Vehicles also require a different kind of in-game currency that you only find in the driving sections. The traps in this game don't capture villains but give elemental ammo for vehicles and a skystone of the villain trapped inside. While inside vehicles Skylanders will be protected by the vehicles shields but when the shields are down the Skylander inside will take damage, but the vehicles themselves will never die. We should find out more about the game next week at E3. The skylanders revealed so far are: Spitfire(Fire) and his land vehicle Hot Streak, Stormblade(air) and her sky vehicle Sky Slicer, Hurricane Jet-vac and his sky vehicle Jet Stream, Dive-Clops(water) and his sea vehicle Dive Bomber, Super Shot Stealth Elf(No vehicle revealed yet), a new Trigger Happy, and a New Terrafin. This game will come out on September 20th 2015        By Nick Starceski

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Five Nights at Freddy's review

Five Nights at Freddy's(or Fnaf as some write it for reduced space) is as came where you are a security guard at pizzeria where you must manage power to various systems in order to stop crazy animatronics from killing you. The story is that you are security guard at restaurant Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, a place similar to other places like Chuck E Cheese. However at Freddy's the animatronics wander the restaurant and if they see you they will stuff you in to a animatronic costume, killing you in process. IT's you job to last from 12 midnight to 6am(in game this is either 8 and a half minutes or 4 and half, depending on your version), and you can't move from your office either. You can close the doors to your office and you can turn on lights and check your camera to slow them down, BUT you have limited power and each of these actions cause you to speed up in your power consumption, and if you hit 0% it's game over(Unless you've got 5 seconds to 6am or something). First and foremost this game is SCARY. Although the sense of defenselessness, limited power, and creepy animatronics all help this game to feel scary, In my opinion the scariest thing is the atmosphere. The sound of the animatronics bumping into things as they move, the flickering lights, and Freddy's terrifying laugh all make this game freaky. Your only friend is a former employee who calls you each night to give you advice on what to do. And if couldn't tell by the title you only have  to survive for five nights before beating the game(there are two bonus nights though). Five Nights at Freddy's is a truly terrifying game that will leave you with chills long after you've played it. I give this game 4.75 out of 5 stars
By Nick Starceski

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Broken Age: Act 2 Review.

Broken Age: Act 2 is the second and final part of Broken Age. Once again this has two parts of the story Vella and Shay. Unlike the first act though you'll have to switch between them to finish the game. The Story in this is pretty good although not as great as the first act. I can't actually reveal anything about this act's story with out completely spoiling the first one's. The puzzles are pretty fun in this game, but some are just downright unfair. In order to play this effectively I suggest you have a Pencil and Paper handy. This act wraps up the story nicely and answers any question posed through the game. All in all it is a good ending. I give this 4.25 out 5 stars. By Nick Starceski. Reviewed for ipad

Bastion Review

Bastion is a action game where you use various weapons in order to obtain items throughout the levels. The story of this game is your character is a survivor of an disaster called the calamity which broke his world to pieces and now you work with a old man called Rucks to get cores that power a device called Bastion which can supposedly rebuild the world. One of the best parts of this game is the narrator, Rucks. His voice is a constant throughout the game and he explains levels, tells the story, and sets the overall tone of the game. Another great thing about this game is the music, which energizes battles and is just really awesome. Using cores in the Bastion allows you to upgrade your home base with various structures that perform different tasks, like upgrading your weapons. This game can be challenging at times but I never felt that it was unfair. I also suggest you play this game with headphones on, so you won't miss anything. I give this game 4.75 our 5 stars.    By Nick Starceski. reviewed for iPhone/iPad

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Steven Universe-Attack the Light!

Steven Universe Attack the Light! is a game based off of the show Steven Universe. This game is an RPG and has you level up the Steven and the Crystal gems to make them stronger. Each of the Gems has 4 main stats, Attack(the amount of damage you do), Defense(the amount of damage gems take from enemies) Luck(the chance to do extra damage, and Harmony(the amount of damage gems can take before leaving the battle). The game gives you five stars at the start of each turn. You spend these stars to attack enemies. This game has you tapping the screen at just the right moment to attack twice or half the damage the gems take from attacks. The story of the game is that Steven accidentally unleashes a bunch of light monsters from a powerful gem-based weapon and he and The Crystal Gems have to go recapture them all. This Game has a nice diffuculty curve, it starts out pretty easy in the first levels and but gets a lot harder. There are also items in the game that have tons of different affects and badges that powers the gems up. When a gem falls in battle she will revive afterwords but not gain any experience. My favorite part of the game is how much fun it is to play.
I Give this Game 4.75 out 5 stars Reviewed for Iphone/Ipad.       By Nick Starceski