Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Top 10 Flying Type Pokemon

Note: There are TONS of flying type Pokemon so I chose the ones that best represent Flying types as a whole not their secondary type.
 10. Skarmory is Steel/Flying type Pokemon with Great Defense and decent attack. This Pokemon looks like a metal bird but it is slow for a flying pokemon and it's special attack isn't to good. On the other hand it has good abilities so you can't go wrong there.

9. Swellow is  Normal/Flying type pokemon with good speed and decent attack. This pokemon has the ability Guts which raises attack by 1.5 when this pokemon has a special condition, it also can learn Facade( a move that doubles in power when affected by a special condition) by TM. These two things together make this a powerful pokemon when affected by a special condition. You may want to give yours a burn orb or black sludge item to get Guts and Facade going early.

8. Hawlucha is a Flying/Fighting pokemon that looks like a bird luchador. This pokemon has good speed and attack stats making it great for physical moves.

7. Braviary is a eagle-like Flying/Normal type with a good health stat and a great attack stat. This pokemon can deal tons of damage with it's physical moves and i suggest you make yours have the Sheer Force ability to make them even stronger.

6. Crobat is a Poison/Flying type Pokemon with great speed and overall decent stats. Crobat can learn lots of moves to poison the enemy make this pokemon dangerous. It is also a poison type one of the only types to be strong against fairy types/

5. Togekiss is a Flying/Fairy type Pokemon with excellent special stats. However this pokemon has poor attack and should only learn special moves in general. You should have yours get Serene Grace ability to double secondary effects.

4. Tornadus is a Pure Flying Pokemon(the only one asides from arceus) that has two form one focused on attack and the other on defense and speed. The incarnate form has the Prankster ability which makes moves that inflict status conditions go first. The therian form has Regenerator which heal this pokemon by 33% when you switch.

3. Mega-Pidgeot is Flying/Normal pokemon which has great special attack and speed stats. This pokemon has no-guard ability which boosts' the accuracy of moves coming from and targeting it to 100%, this may be risky but you get the move Hurricane at 100% accuracy!

2. Staraptor is a Normal/Flying type pokemon with a great attack stat and good speed. This pokemon learns a lot of physical moves like Brave Bird and Close Combat making this pokemon all the better.

1. Talonflame is a Fire/Flying type pokemon. This pokemon has a great speed stat and learns a lot of high damage moves like Brave Bird and Flare Blitz. This pokemon has the ability Flamebody which means when physical attacks hit there is 30% chance of burning them. If you find the devolved form of this pokemon in the XY friend safari it will have Gale Wings which make Flying moves go first.
That's Right priority Brave Bird

Powerful Mention Mega-Rayquaza as if the normal form wasn't enough they made this pokemon a mega form. It has Epic attack stats and greats stats all around. The reason this pokemon isn't on the main list it that it wouldn't be fair. It could beat everything asides from a really well trained Gale Wings Talonflame. Even then it'd be pretty close.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Amiibo toy review

Amiibo's are Nintendo's Skylander like toy that you can put into the game. The the only game where they are currently usable is Super Smash Bros for Wii U but Nintendo has said they will be usable in other games down the line and you can currently scan them on other games like mario kart 8 for various goodies. You don't actually play as the Amiibo in Smash bros either, rather they are opponents for you to fight, allies to help you out and comrades for you to train. The amiibo level up as they fight and you can feed them power ups found in the many modes of smash to make them stronger, in addition you can customize their move-sets as well. I find it particularly fun to team up with my Amiibo and fight together. In-fact my Link Amiibo(From The Legend of Zelda) is now better than me at Smash, although this may be a reflection of me and not him. The craftsmanship on my was great and everything was painted nicely but this may change based on who you buy from.
Another added bonus is that they are completely optional and don't need a base unlike Skylanders and Disney Infinity. To put them in the game you just plop them on the NFC scanner to scan them and then plop them back on to update your toy with it's new won strength. I can't wait to see what Nintendo has in store for Amiibo in the future and I give them 4.75 out of 5 stars both as product and something in the game.     By Nick Starceski

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Broken Age review

Broken Age is a point and click adventure where you Interact with the game environment in various ways. This game has two stories: Vella's story and Shay's story. Vella is a girl who is going to be sacrificed to giant monster but want's to kill it instead. Shay is a boy trapped on a spaceship treating him like a 3 year old when he would rather explore the universe. The game has an emphasis on  interacting with the things and people in the game and it is fun and relaxing. The stories and characters are well-done and there is some good humor too. This game has two acts but only the first is available right now with the next part coming out sometime in the future.
I give this 4.5 out of 5 stars                         By Nick Starceski   reviewed for Mac, iPhone/iPad

Monday, November 10, 2014

Skullduggery! Review

Skullduggery is a game where you fling a skull to collect money and take out skeletons. The story is that these skeletons don't pay their underworld taxes and you here to collect. The game play is incredibly fun as you fling you your skull to collect money and perform head shots. You can collect other things in the levels as well money, like special treasures called assets and stamps to unlock more skulls to play as. My only complaint is that there are levels where you have to move fast before a giant wall can crush you, which is stressful. It is also worth mentioning that there are no in app purchases so the 5$ is totally worth it. I give this game 4.5 out of 5 stars   By  Nick Starceski
For iPhone/iPad