Monday, October 27, 2014

Top 10 ghost type Pokemon

10. Gourgeist is a Ghost/Grass type pumpkin-like Pokemon That come in 4 different sizes ; small, medium, large and super-sized. The small you go the faster this Pokemon is, but the bigger you go the more heath and attack power this Pokemon has! One other thing is that Gourgeist can learn a few fire type moves so be prepared.

9. Jellicent is a Ghost/Water type Pokemon that looks like a frilly jellyfish. Jellicent has good health and special defense so it can take a lot of damage. This Pokemon also has some moves that inflict your Pokemon with conditions like burn which makes this Pokemon VERY ANNOYING but powerful.

8. Trevenant is Ghost/Grass type that is the ghost of a tree. This Pokemon has a great attack stat but it is very slow. I suggest you teach this Pokemon Trick Room a move that makes slow Pokemon go first and fast Pokemon go last. Trevenant also has a variety of move that heal the Pokemon using them so that is nice.

7. Chandelure is a Ghost/Fire type Pokemon that looks like an chandelier. This Pokemon has great special attack but a low health stat so it is kind of a glass cannon.

6. Cofagrigus is a Ghost type Pokemon that looks like a sarcophagus. This Pokemon's ability, Mummy, turns any Pokemon who hits Cofagrigus with an physical attack ability into Mummy as well which can be useful for negating opponents' abilities. But be careful that one of their Pokemon that you infect with Mummy doesn't infect yours.

5. Golurk is an Ghost/Ground type Pokemon with very powerful attack and can learn lots of physical move make this Pokemon that much more dangerous. On the downside this Pokemon is pretty slow so defeat it fast!

4. Dusknoir is a Ghost type Pokemon with great defensive stats as well as good attack. This Pokemon can learn Ice, Fire and Thunder punch so you never know what to expect. This Pokemon has pressure for an ability which makes it so that the energy for moves used on it deplete twice as fast, this combined with Dusknoir's defenses make this Pokemon very dangerous.

3. Giritina is an legendary Ghost/Dragon with good defenses and the pressure ability. If you give Giritina it's special item The Griseous Orb(an item that powers up Giritina's Ghost and Dragon moves by 20%) It changes to it's Origin for which has less defense stats but higher attack stats and the levitate ability which gives and immunity to ground moves.

2. Aegislash is an Ghost/Steel Pokemon that looks like a sword with a shield. This Pokemon has an special ability Stance Change that change it stats so that when it uses attack move it's attack stats are strong and it's defense stats are weak but when it uses defensive moves it's attack stats are weak and it's defense stats are strong. This makes it so that Aegislash is either defensive of offense and always very versatile! Aegislash is also a steel type one of the few counters to the very popular Fairy type pokemon.

1. Mega-Gengar is a Ghost/Poison type Mega-Pokemon. Mega-Gengar is a Mega-Pokemon with INCREDIBLE speed and special attack stat so it can destroy almost anything that it fights. Mega-Gengar's ability changes from levitate to shadow tag upon mega-evolving which makes it so that your opponent can't switch Pokemon. Mega-Gengar also has better defensive stats than it's normal form.
This Pokemon is also a poison type another counter to Fairy types.

HONORABLE MENTION Spiritomb is a Ghost/Dark type Pokemon. This Pokemon has good defenses and decent attack stats but it's heath and speed are lacking. The main feature of this Pokemon used to be no type weakness but when Fairy type Pokemon were introduced it gained one very popular weakness. I suggest you teach this Pokemon Hypnosis and Dream eater to send opponent Pokemon to sleep then drain a big chunk of their health.

By Nick Starceski    

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Skylanders and Villain Review: Wallop and Broccoli Guy

Wallop is an earth trap master with two big hammers that he can swing to do damage. He can also toss  them into the air from a distance and spin throw them into the battle field. When you hold down his swing hammer button he enters tantrum mode where he pound his hammers not stop. wallop is a great skylander for handling groups of enemies or one big enemy. I give this skylander 4 out of 5 stars.

Broccoli Guy is a life villain who is made out of broccoli. He has two attacks, one where he hurts enemies and another where he places down a healing sigil for your skylanders. I can't stress enough how awesome broccoli guy is, he's gotten me out of a lot of tough situations by healing my skylanders. The way he works is you place a healing sigil and switch into your skylanders to heal them. The sigil also has food in it once you upgrade. I give Broccoli Guy 5 out of 5 stars.
 Go Broccoli Guy!!!

Skylanders Trap Team Game review

Skylanders Trap Team is the 4th Skylanders game has you putting toys onto the traptanium portal to fight villains. The new thing this time around is trapping villains in traptanium traps and playing as them. Villains have a time limit for you to play as them, although they recharge when not in use, and but if they take damage their timer goes down. You can switch between them and your skylander with a push of a button and all of the experience and money they collect gets sent to your skylander. So when you are in bad situation just switch to your villain! The story is that in effort to take over skylands Kaos breaks into Cloudcraker prison and frees the most evil villains ever, The Doom raiders and it is up to you to trap them. To play as all the villains you need one trap of every element plus the Kaos trap, there are also villains of unknown elements that we can't play as yet. In addition to this there are the brand new trap masters who can break traptanium, open traptanium gates of their element, and have an easier time beating villains. My only complaint with this game is that you can no longer fight skylanders with a friend in the arena mode.   I give this game 4.5 out of 5 stars.
By Nick Starceski                                    Reviewed for Wii U