Thursday, June 11, 2015

Skylanders Superchargers Announcement

Recently Activision has announced the next Skylanders game, Skylanders Superchargers. This game introduces vehicles, with three different types that allow you to travel the land, sea, and sky. There will also be new Skylanders called superchargers, which each have a corresponding vehicle that they "supercharge" or power-up. There will be 20 vehicles(2 for each element), and 20 superchargers(also 2 for each element). 10 of the superchargers will be completely redesigned returning characters that will have different attacks. Super-shot Stealth Elf for example, now has a bazooka instead of daggers, just to give you a idea of how different they are. The toys of some vehicles now have moving parts, like on some cars the wheels will move. Any Skylander can ride a vehicle(even giants, activision says) but only Superchargers can mod the vehicle with the car parts found throughout the levels. Vehicles also require a different kind of in-game currency that you only find in the driving sections. The traps in this game don't capture villains but give elemental ammo for vehicles and a skystone of the villain trapped inside. While inside vehicles Skylanders will be protected by the vehicles shields but when the shields are down the Skylander inside will take damage, but the vehicles themselves will never die. We should find out more about the game next week at E3. The skylanders revealed so far are: Spitfire(Fire) and his land vehicle Hot Streak, Stormblade(air) and her sky vehicle Sky Slicer, Hurricane Jet-vac and his sky vehicle Jet Stream, Dive-Clops(water) and his sea vehicle Dive Bomber, Super Shot Stealth Elf(No vehicle revealed yet), a new Trigger Happy, and a New Terrafin. This game will come out on September 20th 2015        By Nick Starceski

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