Monday, October 12, 2015

Bravely Default Review

Bravely Default is turn-based RPG for the Nintendo 3ds. You and your enemies take turns in this game much like many RPGs but there is new system to shake things up. Each turn you get BP to attack or do other actions with and you can choose the Brave option in order do extra actions, but this costs extra BP and if you get negative BP you have to wait until you get more. You can also Default to make your defense stronger and gain extra BP.  The game is named after this system and it really makes in a lot more strategic and fun. Each character also has a job which determines what weapons they use well, special actions they can take and there overall stats. There are also bonus skills that you assign to characters to help them out more passively. The story is about a boy named Tiz who's entire village is swallowed up into a dark chasm, so he goes on a journey to figure out why and if he can reverse it. He then meets a woman called Agnes, the leader of a religion called the Crystal Orthodoxy,  who is on mission to stop the evil that destroyed Tiz's home from destroying the rest of the world. But they fight not only the evil monsters but the Duchy of Eternia who want destroy the Crystal Orthodoxy. They are joined by Ringabel, a flirty amnesiac man with a journal that seems to predict the future, Edea, the now-turned daughter of the Grand Marshal of Eternia, and Airy the very annoying Crystal fairy who acts as a guide of sorts. This game is very LONG, and there is lots to see and collect throughout. There is also a Streetpass based minigame focused on rebuilding Tiz's home town, which also opens up shops with better items and equipment. One thing I really liked about this game was the ability to alter the rate of random encounters and even turn them off, something which all RPGs should have. I give this game 4.75 out of 5 stars.       By Nick Starceski

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