Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Yo-kai Watch Review

Yo-kai Watch is a game on the 3DS. In this game you play as a kid in the town of Springdale, and have a special watch known as  the Yo-kai Watch that allows you to see Yo-kai supernatural being who affect people's everyday lives with their shenanigans. Some Yo-kai make you sad, others competitive, and so on. The Story begins your character is wondering around in the forest, catching bugs, when they find and activate a ball capsule machine known as the Crank-a-kai. Out pops whisper, your new Yo-kai butler, who give you your Yo-kai watch and introduces to the world of Yo-kai. The Story of the game is fairly simple and episodic, which suits the atmosphere of the game really well. Along way you'll find troublesome Yo-kai who will probably want to fight you. To fight you have a wheel of six Yo-kai with three being at front to fight. You turn this wheel to switch Yo-kai or move them to the back so you can heal them. When it comes the actual attacking, the Yo-kai do their own thing so all you really need to do is turn the wheel or order them to use their ultimate attacks. This can be a bit frustrating though as the Yo-kai do what they want and sometimes do nothing at all! To get more Yo-kai you have to befriend them by giving them their favorite foods in battle. If you beat them after giving them food they might befriend you. MIGHT.  This was probably the most annoying as the Yo-kai don't befriend until after the fight is over and is random, even if you give them the best food available. You can increase your odds but it is totally random in the end, and this is especially frustrating with the very rare Yo-kai. Other than those few things though this game is great. While it is a bit similar to Pokemon in concept, catching things and fighting them, other than that they can't be much more different, so the comparisons to Yo-kai watch are unfair. This game is a lot of fun and I highly recommend it. I give this 4.5 out of 5 stars        By Nick Starceski

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