Saturday, April 11, 2015

Steven Universe-Attack the Light!

Steven Universe Attack the Light! is a game based off of the show Steven Universe. This game is an RPG and has you level up the Steven and the Crystal gems to make them stronger. Each of the Gems has 4 main stats, Attack(the amount of damage you do), Defense(the amount of damage gems take from enemies) Luck(the chance to do extra damage, and Harmony(the amount of damage gems can take before leaving the battle). The game gives you five stars at the start of each turn. You spend these stars to attack enemies. This game has you tapping the screen at just the right moment to attack twice or half the damage the gems take from attacks. The story of the game is that Steven accidentally unleashes a bunch of light monsters from a powerful gem-based weapon and he and The Crystal Gems have to go recapture them all. This Game has a nice diffuculty curve, it starts out pretty easy in the first levels and but gets a lot harder. There are also items in the game that have tons of different affects and badges that powers the gems up. When a gem falls in battle she will revive afterwords but not gain any experience. My favorite part of the game is how much fun it is to play.
I Give this Game 4.75 out 5 stars Reviewed for Iphone/Ipad.       By Nick Starceski

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