Monday, June 6, 2016

Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer thoughts

Hello, this is a article dealing with my thoughts on the new Sun and Moon trailers and the new info given. First up we will be dealing with the new info about the legendaries

This is Solgaleo, the cover legendary for Pokemon Sun. As I said in my old post this is my favorite out of the two. It has Psychic/Steel type oddly enough and has the ability Full Metal Body, which is just Clear Body with a different name. So it is basically Metagross in terms of typing and ability. It also has the move Sunsteel strike, which ignore the opponent's ability when attacking. 

This guy seems pretty solid, if not the original with it's mechanics. It is noted as being a emissary of the sun and seems to contain energy within's it's body. I wonder how this guy will fit into the story but I do have high hopes for him. 

 This is Lunala, the cover legendary for Pokemon Moon. It is a Ghost/Psychic type and has the ability Shadow Shield, which is basically Multiscale. This guy has a nice enough design and like it's brother it the emissary of the moon. 

I am not sure what kind of Pokemon he will be or how it will fit with the story but I am sure it will be interesting. 

Now on to the rest of the information revealed. 

Hau( Presumably the Rival): I was kinda disappointed with our rival this gen. He seems okay if not bland and fitting with usual rival theme of being your supportive friend. He seems more like Barry with his disposition in the trailer so that is nice. 

Lillie: While her appearance is the usual for female rivals, it was the description on the website that had me intrigued. It says that she is very important to the story and she dislikes pokemon battles. This info alone has me exited. Is she like N, the greatest pokemon character of all time, who was trying to stop pokemon battles all together. How is she important to the story. She seems to be the professor's assistant. I am trying not to get my hopes up for her as a character because this is pokemon, but am still exited nonetheless. 

Professor Kukui: This is our professor this gen. He seems to be researching Pokemon moves and such. Standard professor fair it seems. I am kinda neutral about him to be honest. 

The Alola region: It's Hawaii. And that is freaking awesome. I really like the design of the region this time around and love the fact that it will have different islands to explore. With the way things are looking this may be the best region yet. 

Anyways there are my thoughts about the new info revealed in the newest trailers for Sun and Moon. See you factoring Hectopascals later! : o )

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The New Pokemon!!!

So this is my reaction post to the new pokemon shown off in the new trailers for Sun and Moon. The new starter pokemon were shown and named as well as the new legendaries, but we don't have the names for the cover legends just yet.
This is Rowlet, the new Grass starter. Rowlet is a grass/flying type pokemon which is based off of an owl. This is definitely the one I'm choosing in my first play through, for two reasons. one: It. Is. Mega. CUTE. Two: I love owls. I'm like some kinda of owl enthusiast, and I know a lot about them. I used spend my time reading a lot of books about them( scientific ones, not novels), and used to go around trying to get a picture of one. I know a lot of the different species too. Basically I am a owl lover. And by design alone this is my favorite base starter. Can't wait to see his full form!
This is Litten, the fire starter. Litten is fire type based off of a black cat, not that you couldn't tell. I really like Litten, it pretty cute and seems like it will evolve into something cool, maybe a dark/fire type, but who knows. Yeah, he looks like he has a lot of potential.
This is Popplio( that's gonna be hard to use is actual conversation), the water starter. Popplio is water type based off of a sea lion, NOT a seal. This seems to be the first sea lion pokemon, to my knowledge, unless one of the other HORDES of seel( I mean seal!!!)  based pokemon is actually based on a sea lion as well. This guy looks like fun, I like him. I have no idea what he will evolve into and that is a good thing.

Yeah, so there is my opinion on the starters. We also got to see the legendaries but I can't get a picture just yet so hang on, and I'll give you a link to the sight so you can view them. Or just google it, I don't care.

Pokemon Sun Legendary 
This guy is AWESOME!!! He just looks so fierce and epic, like the sun! He is a bit of rehash of Pyroar( kinda like Litten), but Pyroar is one my favorites, in terms of design, so the more the merrier! 
Pokemon Moon Legendary
Another great legendary pokemon, the ones this time around are just so unique! I really like the fresh design of this one, like last gen we've got some really good stuff. I really like this guy. 

Well guys that is wrap, and these were my brief thoughts on the new 'mons. Now for an update about the blog. 

Blog Update: So it's been awhile since I've posted anything on here or What You're Watching so I thought I'd give an update. I'm sorry I've not posted a review on Fire Emblem, I just didn't get around to it and I want to play it again before I review so the review is few months off still. I just got Bravely Second and I will be posting a review on that but I've decided to do it before I beat the game as these games are FREAKIN' long!!! So maybe I'll post a review and then update it with my afterthoughts on the story. I am still working on my secret project, to be posted on What You're Watching, but that is probably two weeks off. Okay, see you factoring hectopascals later! : o )


Monday, April 11, 2016

The Sunday Post: Sans and Bleeding

It's the Sunday Post! On a monday...again. I'm starting to see a trend here...hmmmmm. I think I'll keep it the sunday post because that sounds better. But anyways on to the subject at hand: Undertale! Let's go! Spoilers for Undertale so don't if you haven't played. But most probably don't care.

If you've played the genocide route of Undertale like I recently did, than you probably wonder one thing: Why the heck does a Skeleton like Sans bleed? Well guess what? Bones Bleed. Yup, google it and you'll see I'm right! See ya...........okay not really. But what I'm here to discuss is why Sans would bleed, given the circumstances.

After you( or Chara really) manage to get a hit in on Sans in the undertale fight you'll probably notice that, unlike other characters, he bleeds. While many believe it's because he's a human or something I have one simple explanation. Impact.

Would Sans' death have impacted you as much if he'd just sploded' like other Undertale foes. Of course not. His death had to be sad and tragic and it had to make you remember him. I feel the Sans bleed to make you realize the gravity of the situation and that, in this ending, you were a truly horrible person. He was trying to stop you from destroying the whole gosh darn world!

Of course it had to impact you in some way! I also think he bleed to set him apart from other enemies, because he was the most powerful character in the game. And he was meant to be like a alternative to the player, serving as a good to their evil in this case.

BUT, as usual this is just my two cents on the subject. I could be wrong for all I know. I'm also working on a piece about a certain webcomic. Thanks for reading! :  ) 

Monday, April 4, 2016

The Sunday Post: The Fairy Type Dilemma

It's the Sunday Post! On a Monday... Sorry, just didn't get around to it. And last week's was that horrible comic I drew. So yeah, today I will be tackling another Pokemon topic, but I'll try( and probably fail ) to tackle other topics besides pokemon in the future. This week: Fairy Types. Let's go!

Is it just me or have fairy type pokemon become really popular with their introduction. Every team I've fought had one and they've just really dominated the pokemon meta game. The dragon type before them too. But I've not come to talk about the pokemon meta-game(well, maybe a little) I've come to talk about a trend I see happening. I call it the Fairy Type Dilemma.

This starts with the popularity of dragon type pokemon. They were all over the place so Game Freak decided to nerf them. Their answer: Fairy Types. But what they really did is replace one Over-Powered type with another. What made dragon types so dangerous in the first place was the fact that they only had two weaknesses: ice and other dragons, which was problematic for a number of reasons. They also had a butt-load of resistances too, Fire, Water, Electric, and Grass, all common types.

But did Game Freak think about these problems? NO! Fairy types have all the same flaws. Their weaknesses are uncommon types to say the least(Poison and Steel) and a lot of resistances! They are resistant to Dark types( Common Attacking Type), Immune to Dragon types( Super common), Fighting types(same), and Bug types(not really that common). And their only weaknesses are not really that common( I do always make sure to have a good poison or steel type on my pokemon teams though)!

If you recall dragons types weren't really that dangerous at first due to the lack of them in the first two generations. But as time went on they only got more powerful because of the increase in numbers. The Psychic type was also pretty dangerous at first. But then the Dark type managed to  successfully nerf it without being over-powered, but how? Easy. They were weak to one of the most common attacking types: Fighting.

But the Fairy type doesn't have a common weakness like that so it ends up being a kind of popular type cycle. How can it be fixed? What happens afterwards? Let's look at the three possibilities.

Leave them alone: Yeah, as I said this will only make the problem worse. Fairies will continue to dominate and we will get nowhere unless Poison and Steel types get a lot more common.

New to Type to Nerf the Old Type: Again, this will create a vicious cycle if done poorly. When this  type gets to over-powered then we will get a new type and we will have horrible cycle of nature. The best way I can see this happening is to not change any prior pokemon to this type and give is a good weakness-strength balance, which may stop things from going much further.

Fairies get new weakness: This is my preferred course of action for a number of reasons. It feels less gimmicky and like it would balance things out best. I think that the fire type is a good choice due to it's resistance to the fairy.

Anyways just my two-cents on the matter, we'll just have to wait 'till Sun and Moon. Thanks for reading!!! :  )

Note: I've also decided to allow the Sunday Post to be both on this blog and my other blog, This is just so I have more stuff to talk about.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Virtually Normal

Just a horrible comic I drew. It's just practice. I'd appreciate any feedback, other than the art is horrible because I completely understand that...I'm still new. I'll get better in a few years. Thanks, readers!
Pokemon trainers are REALLY creepy!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Sunday Post: I want mean rivals again: Pokemon Sun & Moon

The Sunday Post is something I'm trying out. Every Sunday I will post my feelings on something in gaming. I will try to do this every Sunday but make no promises. This week: Pokemon Rivals.
Let's go!

As I've been playing Pokemon Red & Blue on my 3ds something has occurred to me: Blue and Silver were WAY better rivals than anyone we have now. I mean in X & Y we had Serena/Calem and Shauna and those other two, but they are all totally lame! They are just totally bland and forgettable. Why do I want to become better than them?!?! My answer: I don't!

 As players I feel we just aren't given any incentive to want to become better pokemon trainers then them. At most it's just so we're the very best, but that demotes the rival to someone the level of Youngster Joey!!! And the Rival should be so much more than that.

Let's take a look at Blue for a moment. The professor's grandson and complete and utter jerk, we really WANTED to beat blue, if only to wipe  the smirk off his face for a second. Not only that but he actually had SKILLS to back up his game, he became the champion before you did! And Silver. Silver wasn't only a jerk, but he started off as a downright villain, stealing all his pokemon.  These are both guys we felt compelled( at least I did) to defeat, because we had substantial reason to be fighting with them.

They were RIVALS, not friends. Even Barry felt like more a rival than the dopes in X & Y! If I were the ones making X&Y I would made lots of changes to make Serena/Calem feel like rivals. The game says that they are kid of two fierce pokemon trainers, why not make them feel like it? Make them have actual talent( Maybe there starter is a level ahead of yours in the first fight), make them act like they were the kid of a strong pokemon trainer, i.e. act like a superior turd, and maybe make fights with them losable, rather than sending us back to the pokemon center. Actively show us they were trainers to be feared like blue and silver.

For example when you get to Victory Road in Gold&Silver there are no trainers, unlike usual. Why are there no trainers you ask? Because Silver beat them all! And Blue became the champions before you did!

 Basically what I'm trying to say here is that I want a good reason to fight my Rival, not my friend. But I doubt Gamefreak will listen to the ramblings of some guy on the internet.

Also just to give you a idea of what I'm like here's my ranking of all the Pokemon rivals

2. Blue
4. Cheren/Bianca
5. Hugh(WHO)?
7.The X&Y crew.    

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Happy Pokemon Day!!!

Hello everyone and Happy Pokemon Day!!! Twenty years ago today is when the very first Pokemon games released in Japan, so the franchise is twenty years old! Pokemon as a whole is my Favorite video game franchise, and it means a lot to me, so that's why I've decided to make a "My Ten Favorite Pokemon" list, but before that I'd like to relay some news from the Pokemon Direct yesterday. It was announced that Pokemon Sun and Moon, would be coming out at the end of this year, so that's exciting. We'll also be able to transfer Pokemon from the newly released virutal console Red and Blue, so yay!!! But...will you be able to transfer Missingno? Who knows!
Onto the list!

This is a list of my ten favorite Pokemon. This isn’t necessarily what I believe to be the best or the most powerful, but ranked on how much I like them. Salamance, Empoleon, Tyrantrum, Electivire, Darkrai,Meganium, Gyrados,  
10. Dusknoir: This pokemon is a favorite of mine for a number of reasons, but mostly because it was one of the first cards I got, and it has a really cool and sleek design. This thing just looks like nightmares! While I’ve never had one in game, I too this day have my old Dusknoir promo card. 
9. Tyrantrum, It’s a T-rex! What else do you need to know? Okay, this guy has gotten me out of some pretty tough battles in X and Y, and I really love his design as well. 
8. Electivire: My first pokemon game was Pokemon Platinum, and this guy was my second most powerful pokemon, behind my starter. It didn’t listen much in those early phases of the game, and it grew like crazy so having the correct number of badges was hard for little Nick, but when he did listen anything that got in his way was as good as gone. Infact I transferred my old guy all the way to Omega Ruby, so I still have him. 
7. Meganium: While Platinum was my first game, Soulsilver remains my favorite, and this was my starter. I mainly put him of my list due to nostalgia, but this thing remains both cute and powerful(at least for me). 
6. Gyrados: In soulsilver, I used my old rod in the early phases of the game to catch a Magikarp. It was my third pokemon, after Chikorita and Pidgey. It was completely useless at the time, but I trained it anyways. Imagine my surprise when my useless little Magikarp evolved into a big bad Gyrados. I always battled with it( Take that, Whitney!) and to this day it remains one of my favs  
5. Darkrai: This guy has always been a cool pokemon, and may be the reason I’m in to it now. I remember watching the Darkrai movie before I even had any idea what a Pikachu was, and going out and buying some cards just because I thought it looked cool. So yeah, thanks Darkrai! 
4. Salamance: I love this guy. He looks like a dragon and is really quite powerful. One was on my original Platinum team and I had a blast just wrecking the frontier brains with his earthquake and flamethrower attacks.
3. Empoleon: Ah, my first Pokemon. EVER. This guy has won me more battles than I could count and I even still have my first one! Not only was he my first ever video game mon(evolved from a Piplup!) but I also got a Piplup as my first card! What a strange coincidence. 
2  Charizard: It’s a dragon! Whatever game I play I always try and get a charizard, no matter what. Just imagine how exited I was when I saw Mega Charizard X. One was on my Soulsilver playthrough, transferred from FireRed, I and got another in X, so I have lot of memories with Charizard. 

1. Zoroark:…I love this thing. I mean it’s ability is so much fun! The mind games. It also has a great design, really sleek. Any who, one of the reasons I like this guy so much is because of how I got my first Zoroark. I had used the transfer function to bring over my Celebi to Pokemon Black and got this guy after I did so. Pokemon Soulsilver was my Favorite, and I feel like that Zorua who turned into a Zoroark was a culmination of all the good times I had  with the game. And That is why this pokemon is number 1 for me. 

Thanks for reading!!!