Monday, April 11, 2016

The Sunday Post: Sans and Bleeding

It's the Sunday Post! On a monday...again. I'm starting to see a trend here...hmmmmm. I think I'll keep it the sunday post because that sounds better. But anyways on to the subject at hand: Undertale! Let's go! Spoilers for Undertale so don't if you haven't played. But most probably don't care.

If you've played the genocide route of Undertale like I recently did, than you probably wonder one thing: Why the heck does a Skeleton like Sans bleed? Well guess what? Bones Bleed. Yup, google it and you'll see I'm right! See ya...........okay not really. But what I'm here to discuss is why Sans would bleed, given the circumstances.

After you( or Chara really) manage to get a hit in on Sans in the undertale fight you'll probably notice that, unlike other characters, he bleeds. While many believe it's because he's a human or something I have one simple explanation. Impact.

Would Sans' death have impacted you as much if he'd just sploded' like other Undertale foes. Of course not. His death had to be sad and tragic and it had to make you remember him. I feel the Sans bleed to make you realize the gravity of the situation and that, in this ending, you were a truly horrible person. He was trying to stop you from destroying the whole gosh darn world!

Of course it had to impact you in some way! I also think he bleed to set him apart from other enemies, because he was the most powerful character in the game. And he was meant to be like a alternative to the player, serving as a good to their evil in this case.

BUT, as usual this is just my two cents on the subject. I could be wrong for all I know. I'm also working on a piece about a certain webcomic. Thanks for reading! :  ) 

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