Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The New Pokemon!!!

So this is my reaction post to the new pokemon shown off in the new trailers for Sun and Moon. The new starter pokemon were shown and named as well as the new legendaries, but we don't have the names for the cover legends just yet.
This is Rowlet, the new Grass starter. Rowlet is a grass/flying type pokemon which is based off of an owl. This is definitely the one I'm choosing in my first play through, for two reasons. one: It. Is. Mega. CUTE. Two: I love owls. I'm like some kinda of owl enthusiast, and I know a lot about them. I used spend my time reading a lot of books about them( scientific ones, not novels), and used to go around trying to get a picture of one. I know a lot of the different species too. Basically I am a owl lover. And by design alone this is my favorite base starter. Can't wait to see his full form!
This is Litten, the fire starter. Litten is fire type based off of a black cat, not that you couldn't tell. I really like Litten, it pretty cute and seems like it will evolve into something cool, maybe a dark/fire type, but who knows. Yeah, he looks like he has a lot of potential.
This is Popplio( that's gonna be hard to use is actual conversation), the water starter. Popplio is water type based off of a sea lion, NOT a seal. This seems to be the first sea lion pokemon, to my knowledge, unless one of the other HORDES of seel( I mean seal!!!)  based pokemon is actually based on a sea lion as well. This guy looks like fun, I like him. I have no idea what he will evolve into and that is a good thing.

Yeah, so there is my opinion on the starters. We also got to see the legendaries but I can't get a picture just yet so hang on, and I'll give you a link to the sight so you can view them. Or just google it, I don't care. http://www.pokemon-sunmoon.com/en-us/

Pokemon Sun Legendary 
This guy is AWESOME!!! He just looks so fierce and epic, like the sun! He is a bit of rehash of Pyroar( kinda like Litten), but Pyroar is one my favorites, in terms of design, so the more the merrier! 
Pokemon Moon Legendary
Another great legendary pokemon, the ones this time around are just so unique! I really like the fresh design of this one, like last gen we've got some really good stuff. I really like this guy. 

Well guys that is wrap, and these were my brief thoughts on the new 'mons. Now for an update about the blog. 

Blog Update: So it's been awhile since I've posted anything on here or What You're Watching so I thought I'd give an update. I'm sorry I've not posted a review on Fire Emblem, I just didn't get around to it and I want to play it again before I review so the review is few months off still. I just got Bravely Second and I will be posting a review on that but I've decided to do it before I beat the game as these games are FREAKIN' long!!! So maybe I'll post a review and then update it with my afterthoughts on the story. I am still working on my secret project, to be posted on What You're Watching, but that is probably two weeks off. Okay, see you factoring hectopascals later! : o )


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