Monday, April 4, 2016

The Sunday Post: The Fairy Type Dilemma

It's the Sunday Post! On a Monday... Sorry, just didn't get around to it. And last week's was that horrible comic I drew. So yeah, today I will be tackling another Pokemon topic, but I'll try( and probably fail ) to tackle other topics besides pokemon in the future. This week: Fairy Types. Let's go!

Is it just me or have fairy type pokemon become really popular with their introduction. Every team I've fought had one and they've just really dominated the pokemon meta game. The dragon type before them too. But I've not come to talk about the pokemon meta-game(well, maybe a little) I've come to talk about a trend I see happening. I call it the Fairy Type Dilemma.

This starts with the popularity of dragon type pokemon. They were all over the place so Game Freak decided to nerf them. Their answer: Fairy Types. But what they really did is replace one Over-Powered type with another. What made dragon types so dangerous in the first place was the fact that they only had two weaknesses: ice and other dragons, which was problematic for a number of reasons. They also had a butt-load of resistances too, Fire, Water, Electric, and Grass, all common types.

But did Game Freak think about these problems? NO! Fairy types have all the same flaws. Their weaknesses are uncommon types to say the least(Poison and Steel) and a lot of resistances! They are resistant to Dark types( Common Attacking Type), Immune to Dragon types( Super common), Fighting types(same), and Bug types(not really that common). And their only weaknesses are not really that common( I do always make sure to have a good poison or steel type on my pokemon teams though)!

If you recall dragons types weren't really that dangerous at first due to the lack of them in the first two generations. But as time went on they only got more powerful because of the increase in numbers. The Psychic type was also pretty dangerous at first. But then the Dark type managed to  successfully nerf it without being over-powered, but how? Easy. They were weak to one of the most common attacking types: Fighting.

But the Fairy type doesn't have a common weakness like that so it ends up being a kind of popular type cycle. How can it be fixed? What happens afterwards? Let's look at the three possibilities.

Leave them alone: Yeah, as I said this will only make the problem worse. Fairies will continue to dominate and we will get nowhere unless Poison and Steel types get a lot more common.

New to Type to Nerf the Old Type: Again, this will create a vicious cycle if done poorly. When this  type gets to over-powered then we will get a new type and we will have horrible cycle of nature. The best way I can see this happening is to not change any prior pokemon to this type and give is a good weakness-strength balance, which may stop things from going much further.

Fairies get new weakness: This is my preferred course of action for a number of reasons. It feels less gimmicky and like it would balance things out best. I think that the fire type is a good choice due to it's resistance to the fairy.

Anyways just my two-cents on the matter, we'll just have to wait 'till Sun and Moon. Thanks for reading!!! :  )

Note: I've also decided to allow the Sunday Post to be both on this blog and my other blog, This is just so I have more stuff to talk about.

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