Saturday, February 27, 2016

Happy Pokemon Day!!!

Hello everyone and Happy Pokemon Day!!! Twenty years ago today is when the very first Pokemon games released in Japan, so the franchise is twenty years old! Pokemon as a whole is my Favorite video game franchise, and it means a lot to me, so that's why I've decided to make a "My Ten Favorite Pokemon" list, but before that I'd like to relay some news from the Pokemon Direct yesterday. It was announced that Pokemon Sun and Moon, would be coming out at the end of this year, so that's exciting. We'll also be able to transfer Pokemon from the newly released virutal console Red and Blue, so yay!!! But...will you be able to transfer Missingno? Who knows!
Onto the list!

This is a list of my ten favorite Pokemon. This isn’t necessarily what I believe to be the best or the most powerful, but ranked on how much I like them. Salamance, Empoleon, Tyrantrum, Electivire, Darkrai,Meganium, Gyrados,  
10. Dusknoir: This pokemon is a favorite of mine for a number of reasons, but mostly because it was one of the first cards I got, and it has a really cool and sleek design. This thing just looks like nightmares! While I’ve never had one in game, I too this day have my old Dusknoir promo card. 
9. Tyrantrum, It’s a T-rex! What else do you need to know? Okay, this guy has gotten me out of some pretty tough battles in X and Y, and I really love his design as well. 
8. Electivire: My first pokemon game was Pokemon Platinum, and this guy was my second most powerful pokemon, behind my starter. It didn’t listen much in those early phases of the game, and it grew like crazy so having the correct number of badges was hard for little Nick, but when he did listen anything that got in his way was as good as gone. Infact I transferred my old guy all the way to Omega Ruby, so I still have him. 
7. Meganium: While Platinum was my first game, Soulsilver remains my favorite, and this was my starter. I mainly put him of my list due to nostalgia, but this thing remains both cute and powerful(at least for me). 
6. Gyrados: In soulsilver, I used my old rod in the early phases of the game to catch a Magikarp. It was my third pokemon, after Chikorita and Pidgey. It was completely useless at the time, but I trained it anyways. Imagine my surprise when my useless little Magikarp evolved into a big bad Gyrados. I always battled with it( Take that, Whitney!) and to this day it remains one of my favs  
5. Darkrai: This guy has always been a cool pokemon, and may be the reason I’m in to it now. I remember watching the Darkrai movie before I even had any idea what a Pikachu was, and going out and buying some cards just because I thought it looked cool. So yeah, thanks Darkrai! 
4. Salamance: I love this guy. He looks like a dragon and is really quite powerful. One was on my original Platinum team and I had a blast just wrecking the frontier brains with his earthquake and flamethrower attacks.
3. Empoleon: Ah, my first Pokemon. EVER. This guy has won me more battles than I could count and I even still have my first one! Not only was he my first ever video game mon(evolved from a Piplup!) but I also got a Piplup as my first card! What a strange coincidence. 
2  Charizard: It’s a dragon! Whatever game I play I always try and get a charizard, no matter what. Just imagine how exited I was when I saw Mega Charizard X. One was on my Soulsilver playthrough, transferred from FireRed, I and got another in X, so I have lot of memories with Charizard. 

1. Zoroark:…I love this thing. I mean it’s ability is so much fun! The mind games. It also has a great design, really sleek. Any who, one of the reasons I like this guy so much is because of how I got my first Zoroark. I had used the transfer function to bring over my Celebi to Pokemon Black and got this guy after I did so. Pokemon Soulsilver was my Favorite, and I feel like that Zorua who turned into a Zoroark was a culmination of all the good times I had  with the game. And That is why this pokemon is number 1 for me. 

Thanks for reading!!!

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