Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Undertale Review.

I like to score  the games I review based on how much I enjoyed them. And man did I enjoy playing this one. Undertale is a story about going home. Your character is walking along Mt. Eboot one day when they fall in a hole. But this is no ordinary hole, this leds to the realm of the monsters, who were sealed there long ago after a war with the humans. You wake up to a talking flower welcoming you and things just get more crazy from there. The gameplay is a mix between a turn based RPG and more action oriented games, as I explained in my first thoughts segment. You collect armor, weapons, gold, health items, Exp, like any other RPG. But there is a twist. Each monster is a person, with dreams and friends and stuff and while you will get stronger from killing them, characters will encourage you to take the peaceful root out, by not killing. Undertale turns the whole "Fight monsters" scenario on it's head and that's what makes it so great. You can legitimately beat the game without killing a single thing. And the world is pretty well build too. It has lot of great lore and history to discover if you go looking and the story is one of the game's strongest points. The characters are just fantastic. There are all these unique and lovable characters throughout the game, and you'll probably never forget a lot of them. My personal favorite were Sans and Mettaton, just for how fun they were. I suggest you don't spoil yourself with this game, but even if you do, it still is very magical and awesome. Now to my favorite part...THE MUSIC! The music in this game is just amazing and every single track fits perfectly to the mood of the moment or character. It's just great... I highly recommend it. Now one last thing(SPOILERS START) I promised in my other post about this game that I was going to play all three endings before I reviewed it but I just couldn't take the evil path. The characters of the game grew on me that much (SPOILERS ENDS)
As I said in my first sentence I score games based on how much I enjoy them so I can't give Undertale any less a perfect 5 out of 5 stars...Now stop reading this and go play it!

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