Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The New Pokemon game announcement

If your a fan of Pokemon then you probably heard about the Pokemon Direct. The Pokemon Direct Announced 2 new Pokemon games, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. These games will introduce brand new Pokemon, but so far only 5 have been reveled, and 3 named. These 3 were the starting Pokemon, Chespin(a grass type), Fennekin (a fire type), and Froakie(a water type). These games will be for the 3DS and the 2 other Pokemon reveled appear to be the main legendary Pokemon of the games.UPDATE The Pokemon website has announce the names of the two legendary Pokemon. The flying Y-shaped Pokemon is called Yveltal and the elk-like X-shaped Pokemon is called Xerneas. I think these will be the main Pokemon of the games. By Nick Starceski.

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