Thursday, January 3, 2013

Paper Mario Sticker Star

Paper Mario Sticker Star is a Paper Mario game where you use Stickers as weapons against enemies. This game kicks off at the sticker fest, a celebration of the sticker comet. But then Bowser tries to steal the sticker comet and accidentally breaks it into several "Royal" stickers which scatter across the land, one of which he uses to kidnap princess peach. So Mario and his new friend Kersti set of to save sticker comet. Stickers are the attacks in this game but the main types of stickers are jumps and hammers.  You'll find them scattered about and you'll be able to buy some. You will also find super tough giant stickers and "things" which you can turn into giant stickers. Also when you touch an enemy, you will enter battle. This game has plenty of humor, too mostly because every thing is made of paper. For example, when you are finding toads to unroll town square, one is crumpled up in the trash. I rate this 5 out of 5 stars. By Nick Starceski (For 3Ds

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