Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Little More About Skylanders Giants

Skylanders giants is a game coming out on October 21 and so far 4 of the 8 Giants have been revealed. A life giant named Tree Rex ( the star of the game), a earth giant Crusher( he's got a hammer!), a tech giant Bouncer( he shoots from his fingers ) and a air giant Swarm ( one big bee). The giants will also light up along with 8 skylanders called light core. There will also be 8 new regular skylanders. I've also learned a bit about each giants attacks, Tree Rex can punch,shoot a beam from the canon on his arm and punch the ground creating a shock wave. Bouncer can shoot from his fingers, shot lasers from his eyes and target and launch missiles. Swarm can fly, shoot his stingers and slash with them. Crusher can swing his hammer, turn foes to stone and turn in to rolling rocks. By Nick Starceski      

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